MAcmillan cancer support convoy 2020

We are hosting a 12 hour event to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support a brilliant charity that help people who are suffering physically and mentally from cancer, they have changed lives and you can help with that too.

We will be starting our convoy at Calais and traveling throughout Europe on a wonderful scenic adventure. Our event team have allowed these routes to be of more country based roads instead of straight boring motorways.

Countdown Until Event
Saturday 27th June 2020


Join Us


If your interested in our Charity Event you can join our Discord Server for more information on Routes, Timings and much more. Also feel free to ask one of our Event Staff a question and the will be persistent in answering.


Want to help out at this event, even if you have little experience as a Event Staff Member you can still sign up for a place as CC, Supervisors, Event Lead/Tail and Media Staff. Sign up via the Google Forms below which can also be found on the Discord


Event Organiser - Crxzed17

Hi, Im Crxzed17. I'm one of the Event Organisers for the Macmillan Convoy 2020.
I've helped out with other Convoy Staff roles but its my first time actually Organising an event! Cant wait to see how it goes.

Co-Owner & Convoy Leader - Hirxchi

Hello, it's me Pingu. Great driver, ex-presenter of Top Gear and also a massive liar.
I suppose you want some information about me... Friendly, Good to talk to (not a lie) and excellent ETS driver (Sort of true). Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Event Organiser - Spirit Hunter

Hello, I am Spirit Hunter, I'm also one of the Event Organisers for the Macmillan Convoy 2020.
I am a Twitch Streamer and Ex Radio Presenter,
I am so happy to be part of this event as my mum is a Macmillan Nurse so I have a personal connection for the event.

Gullbrann - Media

Hello! My name is Fredrik but most known as Gullbrann. I'm 15 years old, and are a part of the media team for Macmillan Cancer Support Convoy.
I love to take pictures and record cinematics. Especially when it comes to edit and plot in much effects. I'm staff for many other events too, so you might see me around

Geo - Convoy Supervisor

Hi, I’m Geology Rocks but everyone calls me Geo, and I’m a supervisor here. I have been event staff in several events, so you must have seen me on an event somewhere.